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The New Office

Some people have been asking to see pictures of the view from my desk in my new office, since I have been bragging a little about it on Twitter. If you didn’t already know, due to complicated ConDem coalition shenanigans, we had to leave our old office in Wigan and move out to the coast at Ainsdale, which unfortunately necessitated a move from fun Manchester (home of the mighty Manchester Mosquitoes) to the unknown jungle of Liverpool.

The pics aren’t the best, because my camera is really rather limited, but you get the general impression. These are the two windows that frame my desk. Unfortunately I have yet to photograph someone or myself using the massive baywatch-style binoculars (seriously, they’re a foot long!), but that may be a treat for another day. Oh and in case you get to envious, the pictures were taken last week and this week it has been mostly raining, although there was some rather spectacular forked lightning on display out over the Irish Sea, so it wasn’t all bad.

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Music Video for the Internet Generation

Whether or not video really killed the radio star is not something I particularly care about. As with all culture, music rolls with the times, evolving, and morphs into something new. Lately, the internet has shifted the power from the label to the artist, allowing genuine talent to flourish and at least give us more options aside from the dire manufactured pop-combos.

However, music videos have always been something I’ve been fascinated with. Directors that are able to distill story telling into a mere 3-5 minutes possess a pretty special skill, and I loved growing up and watching the videos for Daft Punk’s Da Funk and Guns ‘N’ Roses’ November Rain when I visited my Granny who had MTV.

So what has the internet done to the art of the music video (apart from negated the need to travel to my Granny’s to watch them)? Well, judging by the latest Arcade Fire concept, it has revolutionised things.

It’s hard to describe, but essentially, the ‘video’ is an interactive interpretation of their new song ‘We Used To Wait’. It’s less a video and more an immersive experience. I won’t say too much more other than to go experience for yourself and have your childhood home’s address handy.

Oh and close ALL other programs and browser tabs before you start, otherwise this thing will eat your computer alive!

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Camping in a Trolley

I may be prone to hyperbole, but this may be the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Though quite how a trolley can easily be transported across a muddy festival field, is beyond my feeble imagination.

Camper Kart.

Via The Longbrake

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Like Sufjan, I’m coming back. In the meantime, something beautiful and awesome.

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Totally Lost

Unless you’ve been living in a country that isn’t the US or UK, you’re almost definitely aware that LOST has now finished. You may not care a jot, but you know about it.

As someone who barely watches TV, Lost has stood out as the one thing I’ve been committed to, getting excited by season cliff hangers, the prospect of a new season and coming and going of loved characters. I loved discussing it with friends, and I kinda liked the fact that so many people stopped watching it, to talk about it made you feel like you were in an inner (geek) circle. It’s made me laugh, made me cry more than once, and made me think about a whole lot of worthy theological and philosophical topics more than any other chunk of media I’ve come across.

Without harping on about it too much longer, it’s been interesting to see how much space has been taking up with people discussing the ending. For me, whilst initially a little confused and disorientated by the last 15 minutes, after 2 or 3 days processing (this review by one of the writers, user 123, was helpful), I decided I loved it. The quality of character writing and acting moved me, and I felt enough answers were given, enough made mystery.

Which leads me to the excuse to write this post:

A video summing up pretty much how I feel about Lost finishing. A bit overblown maybe, but pretty much awesome.

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Power and Majesty

Just show’s that sometimes the greatest art comes from Creation itself.

Strength and beauty, power and majesty. The music is rather beautiful too.

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Spot on.

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus. I got a new job just after I was composing a huge article on the idea of failure and how it affects us, and then got into a bit of a whirlwind. I guess I should write about my mental first week and my big move to Manchester…I should probably write about my big 5 week move to London before that. But I probably never will. At least not until my body gets used to 630am alarms.

Anyway, until I find the energy to write well on something original, I’ll keep posting other awesome stuff.

Here’s what Donald Miller thinks about having good doctrine yet being a jerk. I post this because it’s been a long time since I’ve read something I agree with so completely.


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You Know You Want One

Yep, the iPad is here (in some countries) and apparently it’s pretty stinkingly awesome. Stephen Fry is smitten, and apparently so is most of the bespectacled, roll-neck wearing, goatie-fied nerd world. Wherever I land on the big, cuddly, gay comic to spotty nerd scale, I wouldn’t mind one too.

With excellent timing, (the fake) Steve Jobs has written to the fans about the release of (not) his sexy product.

From The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

Dear human race,

First of all, you’re welcome. In the last few days I’ve been overwhelmed by your letters and calls expressing your gratitude to Apple, and mostly to me personally, for inventing yet another life-changing, mind-altering product. All I can tell you is that with iPad, as with all of our products, all we did was create something that we want to use. We’re just so glad that you want to use it too. It’s humbling, actually. When you devote your entire life to the endless, selfless quest to improve the lives of others; when you live a monk-like existence, and focus all of your power and genius on the singular goal of creating objects that nourish souls and transform people’s lives with magic and wonder; and when people tell you that this is, indeed, what you’ve done — well, it’s gratifying. Namaste, entire population of Spaceship Earth. I honor the place where your desire to consume becomes one with my desire to create.

Some pundits have posed the question: Why do anyone need this thing? Indeed, even those of you are lining up and standing outside stores may be wondering, Why am I doing this? Why am I lining up like a zombie for an expensive piece of consumer electronics, a product for which there is no shortage and which, let’s face it, nobody really needs? Back in the early days of our design process, Jonny Ive came in to see me and we spent a long time trying to decide where on Mazlow’s triangle this product would sit. Because we knew if we couldn’t be way up above the very top of that pyramid, floating above it, totally outside the needs it describes, then this wouldn’t be a product we wanted to make. Some of our early iterations, in fact, had to be tossed out because when we looked at them we realized that parts of them were too, well,necessary. Don’t get me wrong. That’s fine for other companies. It’s just not what we do here at Apple.

But let’s get back to you people who are waiting in line. I mean it’s not like you’re in Bolivia and there’s just been an earthquake and you need to line up to get food and clean water. It’s not like you’ve time-traveled back into the Depression and you’re waiting in line at a soup kitchen. And yet, in fact, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Spiritually speaking, we are living in the Great Depression, and you are waiting in line for sustenance. We, all of us, are experiencing the world that Deleuze and Guattari described so presciently in Capitalism and Schizophrenia. If you haven’t read this incredibly important two-volume work, I highly recommend that wait for us to make both volumes available on our iBooks store and then order them right away. The cool thing is that then, as you’re reading, you will have the strange and circular experience of discovering why you bought the iPad in the first place.

The truth is, this is all about spiritual emptiness. That is why you’re standing in line. Except for Scoble, who is an attention whore and just doing it to get attention.

The truth is, all over the world, across every culture, there exists a sense of yearning. A kind of malaise. An emptiness. At the risk of sounding like Dr. Seuss: There is a hole in your soul. That is what we’re addressing at Apple. That is the hole we aim to fill. Sadly, as you may have begun to suspect, that hole can never really be filled. The truth is that modernity, the condition of living in our modern world, has inflicted terrible wounds on your inner self. These wounds can never be healed. They can only be treated. At best we provide palliative care. Not a cure. Because, my dear fellow human beings, there is no cure for what ails you. The products we create provide only temporary relief. Their magic eventually wears off. The sense of childlike wonder they impart will, over time, begin to fade. And then you need a new product. Think back to June 29, 2007. Do you remember the rapture? The wonder of iPhone? The magic? Now that is gone, but here we come with another shot of digital Dilaudid. Sleep well, my friends. Sleep deeply and rest, cradled in the arms of my electronic medicine.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank all of the engineers and designers and programmers inside Apple who worked so tirelessly on this product, toiling way in total secrecy. I know it wasn’t easy. You had to work on a machine that was inside a sealed metal box, so you couldn’t actually see what you were doing. The box itself was chained to a desk, which was bolted to the floor in a windowless, lead-sealed concrete bunker. And you were chained to that same desk by your ankle. I know some of you considered it humiliating. I know many of you did not enjoy having to use a chamber pot instead of being allowed to leave the room for bathroom breaks. To be sure, the chamber pot was designed by Jonny Ive and is a model of simplicity and elegant design. Nevertheless, not a lot of fun. I know some of you grumbled, privately, about having your personal email read, and your phone calls monitored. You did not appreciate having your children followed to school and interrogated to see if Mom or Dad had been talking about work. The cars parked outside your house at night, the strange calls to your neighbors and relatives, the questionnaires about your sexual history, the lists of all your past lovers that you needed to provide — I know. It’s not easy to work at Apple. But I think you’ll agree with me that it’s worth the trouble. I honor your dedication, and I hope you will all enjoy the new wonder device that you have helped bring into the world.

Hold your iPad. Gaze at it. Pray to it. Let it transform you. And do it soon, because before you know it we are going to release version 2, which will make this one look like a total piece of crap. Peace be upon you.

Dear Leader

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My life in Words

I recently discovered a fun little tool called Wordle. It takes any text you choose and turns it into a word cloud, based on the number of times a word appears, much like the Tag Cloud in wordpress.

I uploaded my CV….it seems pretty representative.

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More Sea Shepherd Shenanigans

I’m a bit late on this one, but regular readers may remember my recent rant about the Sea Shepherds. Well, it’s happened again – exactly after a month after their Batmaboat was rammed, there has been a collision between the Sea Shepherd’s BoB Barker and a Japanese Whaler

Naturally, there are two versions of the story, with the Japanese accusing the Sea Shepherds of intentionally causing the collision by suddenly approaching and throwing bottles of butyric acid about the boat. The Sea Shepherds maintain that the Bob Barker was merely maintaining it’s position and was intentionally rammed.

Personally, I reckon it’s pretty hard for the boat that’s already in front to do a lot of ramming, but I’ll let you decide.

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