Who am I?


I am a marine biologist, a TEFL teacher and some other things along the way. Most of my recent life seems to have been modelled on The Littlest Hobo, jobbing from place to place, visiting interesting people and learning a ton along the way.

I hate small talk, but am passionate about sport, philosophy, theology, creativity, and of course, the ocean. Here you will mostly find me rambling about these things and occasionally ranting about something that’s got my goat.



  2. LOL!!!!

  3. HE’S A CHUMP!!!

    (Love you buddy! When you coming to visit next?

  4. p.s. All that sounds more like trying to pick up girls than a job interview.
    “Let’s get a drink and talk more”!?

  5. It used to. Not anymore!

  6. “His interests are wide and varied, although largely predictable and can generally be ascertained from the links bar”

    I went to the Links Bar and asked the staff there what your interests were. They just gave me a puzzled looked and I asked for a pint of Kronenburg instead

  7. I miss you man. It’s 3:17 in the morning and this semester’s classes start in 6 hours for me. I can’t sleep tonight, so I find myself catching up on L’Abri friends’ blogs. An email exchange should occur soon.

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