Posted by: keepfishing | August 4, 2011

An update for Summer 2011.

An update. It occurs to me that on the few (and increasingly rare) occasions that I write on here, I barely talk about myself, or any circumstances that may be occurring. Indeed, I find myself a little loath to talk about such happenings as at present  they are invariably more dull than the times when they are in the public (well, small circle of interested friends) interest, as the Kenya posts were a couple of years ago.

However, its come to my notice that many of my friends scattered around the globe have much idea of anything going on with my life at the moment, and so, now that I have a fancy WordPress app on my snazzy phone, I thought maybe I would write a little update on my life.

So, to answer first the first question asked at parties, ‘what do I do?’

Well, for the last 15 months , I’ve been working for a non-profit organisation that brings together different practitioners on the north west coast of England and tries to improve coastal sustainability through integrated management. It’s pretty cool…I get to work in an office that looks out over the Irish Sea and if I’m good, they sometimes let me travel round Europe to work with other fun people who are also keen on making the coast awesome.

The view from my office window

This job has meant that I’ve kept up may slightly nomadic habits. Initially it was based in Wigan and I lived in ‘Manchester, but due to some coalition Government policy that makes me far too angry and frustrated to go into any detail about, it moved to a small village near Southport. So I now live in Liverpool.

Liverpool has a bad rep. When I learned I had to move there, I spat my dummy out, whined and spent most of my weekends after moving in Manchester. But guess what? It’s actually pretty awesome! I live right next to what might be the best city park in the country. Forget the Meadows, Sefton Park is acres of pure loveliness. And it rains much less than in Manchester, too. It’s also full of art galleries, great little music venues, a brilliant art centre/independent cinema and, despite some ludicrous imbalances public sector cuts, the council still manages to put on some great summer festival fun.

Those dots are dancers. On ropes.

Even in just the last 2 months I’ve been to a free weekend African festival in the park, a mindblowing music and laser show at the Liver Building and an openair vertical climate change dance show on ropes. It’s a fun place to be. Oh and we have beaches too. With statues.

What else is new? Well, in a week I travel to play Aussie Rules for Great Britain in the International Cup, which is nice. But seeing as I’ve only posted once on Aussie Rules in five years of playing, it probably deserves its own post.

And that’s enough writing for now. Questions? Ask away.

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