Posted by: keepfishing | October 5, 2010

Becoming more like a Vegetarian

Recently, save a few sausages here and there, when cooking for myself, I have become functionally vegetarian. This is mostly because I’m cheap and I rarely plan my meals in advance – I impulse buy at supermarkets on the way home from work, get shocked for the bajillionth time about how expensive decent British meat is, buy some veggies and go home and make some pasta.

The photo above comes from a Huffington Post article on Mechanically Seperated Meat, or Advanced Meat Recovery, where basically all the crap meat is scrapped from from the bone in a high pressure sieve. I’m not posting this for much more reason than the gross-out factor – it’s not going to turn me vegetarian as I already avoid processed meat and buy local, non-battery meat when I do buy it.

But it does bring me on to my limiting factor when cooking veggie food- I have close to zero creativity. Anyone recommend a good recipe, or a good source of interesting vegetarian recipes that don’t overly rely on lentils and the wearing of hemp jumpers?


  1. UGH. i just ate McNuggets yesterday (taking out the daughters of some friends for a treat). i feel sick now.

  2. a) after seeing a similar image of bologna being processed in Gr. 9 “Foods” class, I swore off processed meat…which I’ve stuck to for the most part.

    b) I’m more and more functionally vegetarian too! I think I need to be more intentional in making my my meals complete too…so pass on the recipes!

  3. I would like some too.

    Here is my quick & easy pasta…

    Boil pasta.
    Mix some chopped tomatoes, orange or yellow pepper and baby leaf spinach together – add a splash of olive oil, season as desired!
    Drain Pasta once cooked – add your tomatoes/pepper/spinach sauce to it.
    Once suitably hot, add some strips of mozzarella into the mix…

    And serve and eat.

  4. 1 buy pizza
    2 put pizza in oven
    3 eat pizza

  5. I can give you some healthy and tasty recipes.. xx

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