Posted by: keepfishing | June 2, 2010

Totally Lost

Unless you’ve been living in a country that isn’t the US or UK, you’re almost definitely aware that LOST has now finished. You may not care a jot, but you know about it.

As someone who barely watches TV, Lost has stood out as the one thing I’ve been committed to, getting excited by season cliff hangers, the prospect of a new season and coming and going of loved characters. I loved discussing it with friends, and I kinda liked the fact that so many people stopped watching it, to talk about it made you feel like you were in an inner (geek) circle. It’s made me laugh, made me cry more than once, and made me think about a whole lot of worthy theological and philosophical topics more than any other chunk of media I’ve come across.

Without harping on about it too much longer, it’s been interesting to see how much space has been taking up with people discussing the ending. For me, whilst initially a little confused and disorientated by the last 15 minutes, after 2 or 3 days processing (this review by one of the writers, user 123, was helpful), I decided I loved it. The quality of character writing and acting moved me, and I felt enough answers were given, enough made mystery.

Which leads me to the excuse to write this post:

A video summing up pretty much how I feel about Lost finishing. A bit overblown maybe, but pretty much awesome.



  1. Lost lost me about halfway season 1 when I got fed up and bored with it…! 🙂

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