Posted by: keepfishing | February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Ads

So with the nearest Super Bowl party 90 minutes away, I lamed out and watched Lost instead, catching a glimpse of the game and falling asleep just as the Colts put 10 points on the Saints at the end of the first quarter. And of course the first thing i did when I woke up this morning was start watching the ads. Some of them are 60 seconds of art genius.

Being the liberal left-learning environmentalist with hard-hitting conservative views, this ad was my favourite:

Closely followed by the beautiful simplicity of this.

You can watch them all here. Or go to the reviews that I read first by my friend-who-don’t-know-at-all-but-read-his-blog-a-lot, Brett.


  1. I read Brett sooner. I bet I’m more his friend.

    p.s. check

  2. Ha ha ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Loving the green police one

  3. Oh that is SO CUTE!

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