Posted by: keepfishing | January 28, 2010

An Imbecile’s Thoughts on the iPad

Things I like about the iPad:

  • It’s sexy
  • Multitouch is cooooool. And probably the only genuinely futuristic thing in it that was envisioned in my occaisional sci-fi youth.
  • The screen looks sweet. Everything that looks sucky on iPods and iPhones will suddenly look gorgeous
  • It appears to be everything that the MacBook Air wasn’t

Things I don’t like about the iPad:

  • It has a lame name. Those jokes have already been made, most notably here.
  • It doesn’t fit in my back pocket
  • I will never read books on one of those things. Or a Kindle. Nothing will beat reading a battered paperback.
  • No camera? Netbook win.
  • I can’t make phone calls on it? Maybe not the biggest fail, but it would increase its usefulness.
  • No multitasking. Anyone who has seen my desktop, or indeed any real-life desk of mine, knows that I only work with at least 10 tasks running (doesn’t necessarily mean I’m actually any good at it).

I believe Adolf Hitler expresses my sentiments best.

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  1. This post is different because this is giving very important massage to all over them.we are very thanfl to you.

  2. You may not read a book on it. However if you have to get through 20-40 academic papers a week like I do then it’s extremely attractive.

    I think you last point reviews itself.
    Multi-tasking is only useful if you can (i.e. if you’re female).

  3. I never got why I should care about this when it was just speculation. Now its an actual product, it’s just so much “meh”

  4. i agree with Hitler. I never thought I would say that. I’m not sure the iPad is a winner.

  5. I’m sorry, but I so can’t get past the name.

    I continue to hear jokes about what the next version will be called ‘iPad 2.0 with wings’, I suggested iTampon and someone else suggested ‘iMooncup’.

    Oh dear.

    Doesn’t beat Hitler’s views on the Edinburgh trams though. 🙂

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