Posted by: keepfishing | January 19, 2010

A word on the Sea Shepherds

Those of you who know me personally may well have heard me prattle on about the Sea Shepherds and their exploits in the Southern Ocean’s so-called Whale Wars, protests of seal clubbing in Newfoundland and the making of the film Sharkwater. Those who have heard these diatribes (calling them conversations would be unreasonable because a rarely allow a word in edgeways), will know that I don’t really like the organisation. More from an annoyance at their flimsy ‘scientific’ justifications than anything else, and I’d be much happier if they just owned up and said ‘Whales and seals are cute and cuddly and we just love them too much to see them harvested. Look – we even give them names!’.

A couple of years ago, whilst engaged in ridculous Facebook group discussions with passionate and delusional insomniacs, and at a time when SS founder Captain Paul Watson ludicrously claimed to have been shot by a Japanese sniper ( the ships were travelling at 15 knots side by side at the time with cross winds and he was curiously wearing a bulletproof vest at the time), I drafted a blog about it, but never published it.

It was about this time that I tried to hide my identity a little more and someone set my car on fire.

Anyway, I quite struggled to be articulate and witty and actually make any good points, so in the wake of a Japanese whaler running over the Sea Shepherd’s Batmobile boat, someone else did a much better job than I could. If you only click one link in this post, let it be that one.



  1. great article. i watched one episode of Whale Wars here in the US and i absolutely hated it. and i had a strong feeling it was all a bunch of malarkey. plus i hate that they target Japanese whalers only. maybe that opens up a whole new can of worms, but it’s bordering on racist. it’s easier to see a foreign face and think “enemy.”

  2. The Prayer of the Sea Shepherd Faithful

    I love Sea Shepherd.

    I love the way Paul Watson changes his conservation goals every year.

    I love the way Paul Watson faked being shot in the chest.

    I love the way Paul Watson has become a dancing eco-patsy to Discovery Networks.

    I love the way Paul Watson lies about everything he bloviates on about.

    I love the way Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd have destroyed the concept of conservation and replaced it with a hyper inflated media machine that spits out often inane talking points based on their latest stunt work with whalers.

    Yes I love Sea Shepherd, and will continue to donate my hard earned dollars for many more years of the same useless efforts producing shady statistics about the numbers of animals saved.

    God bless them, each and every one.

  3. […] I’m a bit late on this one, but regular readers may remember my recent rant about the Sea Shepherds. Well, it’s happened again – exactly after a month after their Batmaboat was rammed, […]

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