Posted by: keepfishing | December 13, 2009

Lamu Island: A Review

What the guidebooks say:

“A incredibly romantic island, with a labyrinth of streets to get lost in the biggest Stone Town in East Africa. There’s only one car, and most transport is by donkey. You’ll fall in love with a culture that hasn’t changed for years and the friendliest people on the whole of the Kenyan Coast”

What I say:

The streets are pretty cool, but it doesn’t count as a labyrinth if all the streets are in a grid. Also, why didn’t anyone mention the open sewers? And donkeys = muchos donkey crap. Open sewers + donkey crap = Nasty smell. It smells worse than Venice, which apparently smells bad, although didn’t smell at all when I was there in July.

Additionally, there’s no way Lamu’s Stone Town is bigger than Zanzibar’s.

All that moaning out of the way, Lamu is pretty darn sweet. The people really are super friendly, and although they’ll try and persuade you to come ride their dhow, they wont become pushy if you refuse, like everywhere else.

Also, Shela beach is one of the more incredible phenomena on the Kenyan Coast. 12km of unadulterated deserted sand, and cool, deep blue blue water.

Overall, I give it 4 thumbs up.

Out of 5.

But make sure you fly there, unless you have a particular penchant for long cramped busrides on un-tarmaced roads with Islamic music blaring at full blast for 5 hours.


  1. sigh sigh sigh.
    let’s go an adventure together soon please

  2. 4 thumbs? that’s creepy.

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