Posted by: keepfishing | November 23, 2009

Quick thoughts

  • My lucky streak, which allowed Honest Sammy to return my diving mask, my laptop charger to be found on the beach, and my camera to survive being dropped from a pick up whilst travelling at speed, has ended. In the past 7 days I have had my favourite flipflops stolen and my phone pickpocketed in Mombassa.
  • Being sick in Kenya would be much more tolerable if the nearest toilet wasn’t an outhouse.


  1. Blimey : ( Poor you…but keep it in perspective!!

    And enjoy your last little while over there!!!

    And stay hydrated!!!

  2. that’s totally pants.

    and once again you are living out one of my p-related nightmares…

    Hope you are now better!

  3. Aww sad Al. I had texted you too just in the last week! Song lyrics to my fav song of last week. But obviously you didn’t get them. 😦

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