Posted by: keepfishing | November 10, 2009

Thoughts from the last Couple of Weeks

  • Never play football in front of a large crowd and a man with a microphone bearing even the slightest resemblance to a premiership footballer, unless you absolutely have the skills to match. Sitting on your arse whilst a 12 year old dashes away from you whilst the commentator makes yet another joke about ‘Torres’ can be humiliating.
  • DSC07110
  • Driving a knackered pick-up truck along rain-washed dirt tracks with 20 kids crammed into the back is marvellous fun and absolutely terrifying in equal measure.DSC06977
  • GoKart races are more fun if you crash in the first lap and have to fight your way back through the field, despite starting in pole, than if you stay out front the whole time.
  • Scuba diving never loses it’s awesomeness
  • The tropics suddenly become a lot less fun when it rains for a week and all your possessions become petri dishes
  • Yoga should not be attempted when not wearing underpants.
  • Every now and then there comes along a newborn baby that genuinely is gorgeous, and not a crumpled, scrunched up heap of skin and grabby fingers.DSC07259
  • When wearing a dress for the purposes of entertainment, one should check the garment’s degree of transparency under flash photography before allowing many people to make permanent records of it on their cameras.`


  1. scandal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like how you snuck those in all nonchalantly…

    cute, cute baby though.

  2. “When wearing a dress for the purposes of entertainment…”

    What kind of entertainment would this be? Shall we be expecting you to appear in a large tent in the meadows next August?

  3. yeah what’s with all the non-scandalous photos? we want the goods, lindop!

  4. know what you mean about the bakkies – one of the team members felt off the back of one while we were in Durban – ouch!

    Gorgeous baby, I love newborns.

    Yoga without underpants and you were wearing a dress…why? lol Maybe don’t answer, not sure I want to know!!

  5. Stories. I want more to those stories. WHAT exactly happened. Al are you mooning people over there? tisk tisk.

  6. I am making every effort to keep those pictures out of the public domain. Did you not read the part about the dress being see through?

  7. Essentially he is trying to say that you can see a silhouette of his man appendage.

  8. Harrison, that SOOOO didn’t need to be said/suggested.

  9. and i quote a slightly younger keepfishing, post russian bath-house experience, stating: “i’m not ashamed of what God’s given me”

    why so coy all of a sudden, boyo? what’s changed?

    Also, what are the other purposes you wear a dress for, then?

    And you don’t look anything like Torres.

    Sounds like you are having a great time. I am still in newcastle. ho hum. catch up soon hopefully.

  10. great post. sorry i only got around to reading it now. 🙂

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