Posted by: keepfishing | September 26, 2009

Arthur’s Day

As many of you are well aware, Thursday was an important day. It marked the 250th birthday of the blessed black brew, Guinness, and as such required dutifully marking. However, as Thursday night was movie night, I had to make do with Friday becoming Guinness night.

Now, in Kenya, not much beer comes through taps, with bars in dusty villages rightly preffering bottles. Which means that Guinness here is really rather different from that heavy velvey stuff with the creamy head we’re all used to in the UK. To be specific, the popular variety here is known as Foreign Extra Stout, which can be translated inthe local language as ‘black and will knock your head off’. It comes in large bottles at 6.5% (or 8% if you’re in Singapore), and packs a similar punch to belgian lagers, except is black. And is very tasty.

Apparently 40% of total Guinness Volume is brewed in Africa, with Nigeria and Kenya being particularly thirsty countries, and as sales went down 7% in the UK and Ireland in 2006, I guess it’s likely Africa will continue to gobble up the percentage shares. As for me, I will continue to gobble up the big bottles.




  1. Aw junk I forgot to have one that day! I even got a free guiness piece of paper from freshers week I could have used in the uni bar. Dang it. The one actual beer I like.

  2. dude! where’s my photo credit. could drink another one with you right about now. hope you’re well.

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