Posted by: keepfishing | July 25, 2009

Filling you in

So. It’s been a while, and I’ve disappeared. In the past I’ve been a good friend, kept you up to date with my comings and goings, sometimes with the aid of snazzy newsletters, visited you, crashed on your floor and eaten your food. But today, there is no word. I don’t reply to texts, I never send emails, I haven’t been spotted on the damp streets of Edinburgh. Word on the street of my whereabouts is conflicted, and vague rumours of my kidnapping.

Well, the last one is a tad far fetched, but it is true that I have been a little tardy on the ‘keeping my nearest and dearest informed’ front. So, rather than be an excellent friend and call people personally, I’m just gonna put it out here.

So where was I when you last saw me? Ah yes, I’d just become a teacher. That was a rather fun time. Since then, I had a somewhat epic road/plane/train trip across the whole of the states attempting to become a professional burger and microbrew beer reviewer. Sadly, I will never get paid for such endevours, but the pleasure in taking part is indeed great.

Highlights included the ‘proper’ Vegas experience, culminating in a full breakfast accompanied by single malt Irish Whiskey at 6am as the sun came up; eating maple and bacon donuts in the middle of the night in Portland; an epic tubing trip down a turbid Iowian river that finished in a barefoot spring through a forest feeling like a LOST character being chased by the Others; Explosions in the sky, whilst listening to Explosions in the sky and much else.

In action

If you eat ’em, you gotta cook ’em


Only 4 returned.


We won stuff! (well, money. A whole $3)


I shot stuff! And began to sport a nice burger belly.


I tried to pass myself off as an American


And, we met a troll

Since my return, I have not only returned to the country, but also the world of work. That’s right. I’m (sort of) contributing to the tax coffers of the country once again. To be specific, I’m teaching English and leading the funnest (!) activities excursions in the world, taking foreign kids to sample the delights of York, Whitby, Harrogate and Scarborough. In the last 4 weeks, I’ve survived through a pandemic of Swine Flu, and a resultant cull in student numbers and staff, touching the Premiership Trophy without breaking it, and a trip to Whitby with 21 French kids (the hardest of the lot). And now, as if the thought of working too hard was getting too much, my contract only has one week left.

So what next? Frankly, like I’ve been for the most of the last year, I’ve no idea. All I know is that come September, I’ll probably be in one of 3 places. Newcastle, Bristol or Kenya. Stay tuned.

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