Posted by: keepfishing | May 24, 2009

A couple of observations

I saw Star Trek a couple of nights ago, (if you want to know what the film is actually like, you can go read a review, it’d be much more informative than me) and loved 99% of it. What ruined it was the PC (political correctness, not personal computer) editing that changed “to boldly go where no man has before” to ” to boldly go where no one has gone before.”


I had something else to write about too, but I’ve forgotten. It was probably a whinge, so the world is no poorer without such words.



  1. It’s been that way since Star Trek: the Next Generation. Although this film precedes that. Maybe all the time travel jiggery pokery somehow installed PC-ness into Starfleet?

  2. I’ve been informed that the ‘no man’ has been ‘no one’ since 1986 by a Star Trek fan who shall remain nameless

    (I’m a star wars girl, I’ve only seen 1 Star Trek film that I was dragged to by my older brothers back in the early/mid 90s…?)

  3. Hi. Do you blog whilst you traverse my country on a bike. I think you should. xx

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