Posted by: keepfishing | May 18, 2009

Subj+have/has+bare infinitive = Present perfect

On Friday, after 4 weeks, 120 hours of teaching, 10 lessons taught, 26 hours of watching other people teach, 4 assignments and countless hours of staring blankly at a computer screen attempting to write a lesson plan, I finished my CELTA course and became a legitimate English teacher. That’s right folks, after less time than it takes to complete a Test series, I have gone from being a neolithic grunt knowing nothing about grammar, to someone who is allowed to explain the difference between the present perfect and the past simple tenses.

In truth, it has been a crazy 4 weeks, full of joy, pain, tragedy, utter heartbreak and a complete unknowing of how to let such emotions through when I’m faced with 5 hours of thinking about how to teach a lesson the next day. In this short time, besides the elation of passing the course, I’ve snapped the ligaments on a finger of my writing hand, been to 2 weddings of close friends, 2 close friends have given birth, and 2 close friends have had close family die, one of which in extremely tragic circumstances. Speaking of which, Sam Riddall’s memorial service is today  – if you pray, please pray for the Riddall family, who are going through unimaginable times right now and whose lives will never be the same again without their son.

How do you process such a wide variety of emotions? I’ve been on the verge of tears many times, usually at unconnected times, with embarrassing triggers (far too embarrassing to reveal on here)

So I’m a teacher and it hasn’t quite sunk in. The world is literally my oyster. Although I’ve never really understood that expression. Why would having an oyster express the fact that possibilities are more or less limitless? Answers on a postcard.

It’s an odd feeling to be suddenly employable. I’ve got a job teaching at a summer school, which took me half a day to secure an interview for. And over the next couple of weeks I’m hoping to sort out a job in Central America, preferably Costa Rica, with the hope that I can still try to be a marine biologist in my spare time. It remains to be seen whether my Spanish speaking will be able to progress beyond my Russian or Lithuanian, in which I can request 5 beers, or express my liking of milk, respectively.


  1. Man patikti šitas pienas.

  2. I believe it’s Man patinka…

  3. una cerveza por favor.

    If you’d like some help with the spanish, think I still have my Standard Grade Spanish textbook somewhere?!

    Spanish is pretty easy to pick up, so sure that you will be fine! 🙂

    Also, praying. That’s a pretty intense 4 weeks, and though I can’t say I have experience of your particular ‘combination’, I do have experience of life being intense like that so can empathise. it tends to be the unexpected things that you’d never think could bring on the tears…don’t know why that is so often the case, but it is.

    Praying for your friends and their families, praying that you’ll get work in Costa Rica… 🙂

  4. pyat piva pshjalsta. Still makes me smile. The look on Anya’s face was quite special.

    Congratulations on your teflisation – that’s an awesome achievement. The world is metaphorically your oyster. don’t know the significance – cos you can hold it in your hand? cos its supposed to taste good? cos you can swallow them whole?

    Sounds like you’ve been living life, anyway. that’s a good thing i think… although the phrase “may you live in interesting times” is apparently an ancient Chinese curse. Hope you are getting a chance to begin to process it all a bit now.

    I don’t know the Riddalls – think i met Martin once, or heard him speak at least… but they have been in my prayers anyhow. I know its been tough on a lot of peeps. Tears are strange things, that much is true.

    It was good to catch up the other week. how is your mate with the broken collar bone? I might hopefully be able to return the favour in the summer if you are still in Edinburgh – our hockey club has got invited to a tourney up there at the back end of July.

    Grace and Peace, mate.

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