Posted by: keepfishing | December 19, 2008

That Hallelujah Thing

For those of you contributing to the fastest ever downloaded single (or whatever records it’s supposed to be breaking), but buying that Alexandra whats-her-face girl’s version of Hallelujah from XFactor. Shame on you.

But if you’d also like to learn some interesting things about the development of one of the most covered songs in history, and impress your mate’s in the pub, read this.

Apparently, it’s Jeff Buckley’s version, not the original Leonard Cohen version that they’re all copying.


  1. Impress my mate’s what? His rogue punctuation? :p

  2. Preach it bro! I’ve been facebooking to join in a campaign started by Radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman and Colin Murray to get Jeff Buckley to Number 1 instead of this imposter cover.

  3. see, i used to really like that song…

    I thought the shrek version was Rufus Wainwright… didn’t know about John Cale, so learn something new every day… Some interesting stuff in that article about meaning and ambiguity and stuff. Makes me want to go and buy the original Cohen version and listen to that. How many Hallelujah’s do you have?

  4. xfactor is lame. people spending their saturday nights on their ass’ in front of a tv being slightly antisocial with one another eating bad for you food and commentating on slightly okay singers who are then going to go cover other peoples songs who can’t write music of their own. not impressed. worse than the dance version of the same show. (why watch dancers on a saturday night when you can go be one!! )

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