Posted by: keepfishing | December 19, 2008

An Obituary

This week, my favourite blue hat disappeared. He’s either gone to seek his fortune in the West End, or sadly made a trip up to hat Heaven. To cope with my grief, I wanted to create a tribute to him, charting our relationship. I’ll try to keep my tears off the keyboard.

It all started back in the warm winter of 2007. On January 1st, when I was supposed to snowboarding, it was raining and the slopes were closed. A trip to the shops was undertaken, and my new partner chosen.

Some hats had to be rejected first.


From a tepid beginning, our relationship went from strength to strength.

He kept my head warm in the wilds of the west coast of Scotland…


at dawn in Newcastle…


Mapping playgrounds in Newcastle parks…


whilst working as a covert spy…


when i was fishing in the North Sea…


And whilst larking around on the mountains of Edinburgh…


Personally, I think he was disgusted at the haircut and the lack of hair he now had to protect, but unless I hear from him again, we’ll never know.

So long, Blue Hat. We had some good times. Enjoy your new beginnings.



  1. Do you think he was related to White Hat, who James has been getting very friendly with lately?

  2. what a strange idea of a mountain you have…

    (sorry, i can’t help it, it’s the geographer inside me screaming to be let out…again)

    I feel your grief, I can’t imagine what life would be like without my own blue hat…it’s travelled many places with me since this Millennium began…

  3. If I lost red hat. I would actually cry. My heart is with you Alasdair.

  4. I still remember the day that i lost my first sunglasses. It was the most treasured thing in my life and losing it made me feel somewhat forlorn. Yes this is the feeling anybody has after losing their prized possession. I find this online obituary website really unique.

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