Posted by: keepfishing | November 19, 2008


Apparently phones do not work after being spin washed. They do come out shiny though.



  1. haha this is what i titled my blog entry today too! but… not b/c i accidentally washed my phone.


  2. ok and apparently you’ve already seen it.

  3. Have you tried taking your phone apart and leaving it to dry out for a bit.

    Has worked every time I’ve dropped my phone in a jug of water or a puddle….

  4. been there, done that, and got the slightly damp remains of a phone.

  5. i have a new blog!

    also, i remembered a tip – depending on how soaked your phone is, you can try putting it in a ziploc/plastic bag with some of those silica packets that you get in shoeboxes and some food products. they’re designed to absorb moisture and keep things dry. my friend did this with her phone after dropping it in a puddle and it was good as new!

    ok, add me to your blogroll! 😉

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