Posted by: keepfishing | October 30, 2008

Shark Fishing

Whilst I usually avoid posting videos, because few people can be bothered to watch them, I felt that this little beauty was perfect to fill a gap whilst I build up the energy to write about Bush and Kyoto, the loss of coral reefs, and Dawkins being a bit of a tool.

Anyway, if you’ve got seven minutes to spare watch this. I know, checking to see if anyone has commented on your facebook status yet can be soooooo pressing (speaking of which, why hasn’t anyone one commented on mine today??), but spending the time watching people fish great white sharks from a beach will be much more edifying and give you something to talk about in the pub.


  1. Insane.

    Completely awesome though.

  2. Incredible. Great experience.

  3. that was nuts.

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