Posted by: keepfishing | September 4, 2008

A poor substitute

My brain hasn’t been working much lately. It’s gotten lazy and slightly fudgy.  So once again, you’ll have to make do with a quote and a link rather than anything intelligent and thought provoking. From America:

A suspected car burglar in Tampa made a dirty mistake when he hid out inside a Port-O-Let. 

Tampa Police said Lorenzo Earl Knight, 22, is accused of breaking into two cars Saturday. One of the owners fought Knight and chased him to a nearby construction site. 

Knight tried to hide in the Port-O-Let, but when the victim found him, he overturned the toilet, dumping huge amounts of human waste on Knight.

Knight has been charged with auto burglary and possession of burglary tools.

In other recent news, I’m now a master of tropical coastal management.





  1. Congratulations. You got your dissertation done then.

    I wonder if you can do an MSc studying the Universe. Then you could literally be the master of the universe.

    Like Darth Vader…

  2. …or He-Man

  3. woot, woot! congrats.

  4. or the power rangers. i think you’d make a good power ranger.

    Congrats mate, that’s awesome!

  5. A single power ranger can’t be master of the universe. He-man was kind of, but he’s a bit lame.

    Darth has the force on his side….

  6. congrats on becoming a master.

    Next up: a martial art?

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