Posted by: keepfishing | August 7, 2008


I’ve had a yearning for a while. I want a tattoo.

Tattoos tell stories – of mispent (or wellspent) youth, of lovers, of travels, of beliefs. They inspire, they provoke discussion. Their art allows us to express ourselves in a way that our words may not. Designed well, they speak volumes.

So here’s the thing. I want a tattoo, I want something that makes a statement about what has happened in my life, what I believe, what I live for (my coursemate’s entire back is a humpback whale – I don’t quite want that), but I don’t know exactly what I want. I have a site – my inner arm –  but no actual idea how it should look.

I want it to be small (I don’t exactly have the biggest biceps), monotone, provocative, Christian, yet not cliched (so no generic Celtic crosses). Being much more of a scientist than an artist, I have none of the creative flair necessary to design anything myself that might actually look any good, so here’s where you guys come in.

I’d like to commission you to design me a tattoo. Being an unemployed scientist, I can’t offer financial compensation, merely the sentimental satisfaction that I will have your artwork imprinted on my arm, provoking conversations, for the rest of my life.

So if you’re interested, or know someone who might be, send me an email to the addy in the top corner.



  1. oooh very interesting proposition al! but i think you need to give more specifics. do you like pictures/icons? or words? (like something in hebrew or greek) is there a moment in your life that you want to remember through this?

    when i got mine, i googled a lot of photos/pictures and then commissioned my artist friend to do a rendition for me. it was simple (a ‘rose of sharon’ – national flower of korea), but it wonderful to have my best friend design it.

  2. I could give you a slap for free.

    It has all the same benefits without the long lasting downside: sharp pain, mark on skin, a slightly cheated feeling.

    Actually now that I think of it… I could give you a slap for a fiver.

  3. Lincoln seems to want to slap everyone at the minute.

    But something in greek would be cool. Like the four words for “love” around the picture of a cross or something like that.

  4. I’m looking for someone to design one for me too!!

    One of my thoughts was some stars to symbolise one of my fave verses from Philippians – about shining like stars in a dark and crooked world. I’m worried that someone might tattoo something really rude if I get something in another language and how would I find out?

    I want a little one on my back…

    My friend’s little sister designed one of her own tattoos so been thinking about asking her…

  5. “Tattoos tell stories – of mispent (or wellspent) youth, of lovers, of travels, of beliefs. They inspire, they provoke discussion. Their art allows us to express ourselves in a way that our words may not. Designed well, they speak volumes”

    You’re only seeing goodness in something not good. Several years ago a friend of mine told me, “tattoos are bad”. He was right. Have you not seen David Beckham recently? Apparently the Queen has a tattoo of “Diana” in greek, and the date of her death, on her left thigh.
    Tattoos derive derision.

  6. Thanks Tomu, but it would be a lot easier to discuss this if you gave me a reason why tattoos are bad. David Beckham looking like a patchwork quilt does not make them inherently bad. Why exactly was your friend right?

  7. mmm, this is a very interesting proposition. your comment on being a scientist struck me since recently i met a guy who had a fantastic tat on his left calf on the left side and when i asked what it was he told me he found it in a science text book and it was a diagram of positive and negative charges. anyway it was really sweet. very ‘graphic’. so maybe what you are looking for could be ‘science’ie.

    see you soon.

  8. HAHHAHA.. Terra I know EXACTLY who you are talking about.. my NST/xtrack friend.. hahahahha… what a character 🙂

    Al, I am searching away and will have pen and ink out soon. I wanna win.

  9. oh shoot, christy is in it to win it. it’s on now! i’ll be doodling tonight.

  10. That slap is still available buddy. You should get one anyway to warm up for the procedure.

    First me, then Big J, then the ink.

  11. You like slaps, don’t you

  12. […] I was twittering away to Keepfishing about tattoos earlier today. He confessed to the blog world he wanted to get one almost 2 years ago. […]

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