Posted by: keepfishing | August 4, 2008

Normal service has been resumed

I can make this statement secure in the knowledge that my posting was never regular enough to get your hopes up too much with the idea of ‘normal service’.

The last few months, as you may have picked up, have been a tad busy, however, now projects have been handed in, birthdays have been and gone and ‘work’ has been reduced to the quiet hum of background noise. 

As I’m apparently unemployable for now, I have the luxury of being able to do largely what I want. This isn’t the easiest thing when you’re homeless, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. Incidentally, I have to be careful not to get myself into any media-worthy scrapes in the near future, lest they report stories including lines such as ‘man, 26, unemployed and of no fixed abode, is seen rescuing Flipper from the local aquarium’.

So, with the luxury of time, I plan on reading lots, sleeping lots, and likely coming up with a whole new raft of contraverisial opinions and conjecture. 

I do hope you enjoy. Now it’s time for a tea break.



  1. It’s the life you were always destined for.

  2. i could use a cuppa right now.

  3. oh great more time for you to harass me. excellent.

  4. PhD??

  5. A PhD is on the radar, but it would require enough passion to sustain me through something for 3 yeasr or so. So far, there’s nothing I could study that excites me that much

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