Posted by: keepfishing | June 30, 2008

And how the crimson flowed!

On Saturday I was making my Aussie Rules debut for the Newcastle Centurions. Unfortunately, the other team didn’t turn up, so we got an automatic 150-point win, but without the satisfaction of getting to run into other people, hard. Pleasingly, the second game of the afternoon found Middlesborough needing extra players, so a few of us jumped at the chance and went about our task with relish. Unfortunately I did it with too much relish and tackled someone I didn’t really need to tackle, and as he tried to play the ball, his elbow came back and smashed me straight in the face, breaking my nose. It was a bit unfortunate for the guy – it was his first ever game.

Seeing me collapse, the umpire checked to see if I was still conscious, called over to the bench that I’d need substituting and watched as the game carried on and I spouted blood. Which is precisely why I enjoy playing this game more than football. 

Anyway, assuming the nose would make for interesting observation, I took some pictures over the last couple of days. Fortunately, it’s not nearly as bad as could have been, and the photos aren’t so impressive. However, if I believed in Karma, I’d still think the incident was a result of my commentary here.



  1. the last pic is funny.
    you are a great sport alasdair
    sorry about your honker.

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