Posted by: keepfishing | May 24, 2008

Yesterday, Today and Forever?

The other day I was having a conversation with some folks, philosophising and discussing the potential nature of God. Actually, it was more like three friends grilling me for answers to questions that they already had their own answers to. Anyway, much of the discussion centred around whether God was merely a causal agent, starting the process of life (I used to know the term for this belief, but it’s escaped me for now), or whether He was still involved now, which begs the regular questions about allowing suffering and predestination etc. 

This led to the most interesting question of the evening, ‘What is God doing now?’. I had some thoughts, but I thought it an interesting enough question to pose to the blogosphere. What do the theists out there think?


  1. Strange good question there, keepfishing. Let me go a bit crazy: foe me the question ‘Wether God exists or not?’ or “What’s God doing now?’ is just a DEAD question. Am I alive?, Do I exist?, What’s me doing now? – these are the only LIVE things or tings for me. God is DEAD, and I LIVE is the only miracle. THNAKS. Good Day!

  2. Hello dop,
    Thought I would comment on this one as I won’t be able to read this for 3 weeks… Although there is some disagreement between more recent understandings of man’s role, I would revert back to a slightly older explanation of this and say that you have your question(s) wrong. You presented a dichotomy between casual agent and an active agent. Can the answer not be both to some extent? If we’re looking at ‘how’ God moves today one cannot deny man’s role in that. Take the Corinthians discussion on the ‘body’ of God being made up of the Church, that is people together. Would it make sense to have a God who was the original cause (a slight reference to Aristotle’s unmovable mover) and then sought to draw man unto him. And with man being drawn to him man things change? In a sense man re-creates with God… I realize that writing things in a blog comment is a bit short and odd, but thats my two pence worth.

  3. Hmm…interesting question. Especially after a week where I (someone who believes in God) has been wondering what exactly He is doing and why He can’t do more in this very screwed up world we live in.

  4. I can’t respond to this without giving away too much of how I think about God and what I think He is and how He exists….

    But the existence of *you* and *your* “theist friends” is evidence of his activity… I don’t think He’s basking in a leisurely retirement or anything.

    As a believer, you should know what He’s up to. He’s probably waiting for you at the top of Kilimanjaro.

  5. That’s an encouraging insight sinderella.

    🙂 I think you are quite correct!

  6. I like sinderella’s comment as well, but would also like to add that the Universe owes its moment-to-moment existence to God as He continually sustains its physical being – Col 1:17 and Hebrews 1:3 for example.

    For a theist the very existence of something rather than nothing is a big pointer to God.

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