Posted by: keepfishing | May 21, 2008

What I miss, what I like and what I don’t

It appears my last post attracted much more attention and discussion than I ever intended. I think some people have misinterpreted what I was trying to say – my point was never whether or not theism was true and was a little more about social evolution and implications than the discussion has evolved to. But that’s the nature of discussions I guess. I’ll try and comment soon, probably in the form of a new post, but trying to work in Africa on a tight(ish) schedule whilst there is a blazing sun and beach begging to be laid upon outside means that time for serious thought and consideration on the issue is limited right now.

So in the mean time, here’s a list of things I miss and things I’m enjoying whilst I’m out here…


Things I miss more than I thought I would

  • Running
  • Fresh milk
  • Organised, competitive sport
  • PES
  • Jelly Babies
  • Cheese. Oh for a nice slice of brie or a mature cheddar…

Things that don’t bother me as much as I thought they would

  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Cockroaches
  • Eating rice all the time
  • Dirty seawater
  • Clean boxershorts
  • Sharing a daladala with 42 other people
  • Sun Burn

Things I dislike much more than expected

  • Cats
  • Lying Dutch wasters
  • Guys I’ve never seen before introducing themselves with the opening line “Hey! Rafiki! Remember me??”
  • The crackhead with white socks who always wants to fight like a man (and his little brother in the cap)
  • Food poisoning
  • Beurocracy, corruption, and it being an absolute nightmare trying to get anything done at the IMS
  • Tourists with no concept of the culture they are rodgering

Things that have pleasantly surprised me

  • The availability of fresh oranges. Except they’re green. Which begs all sorts of confusing questions.
  • Coffee for 50TSH (about 2p) and watching the world go buy
  • The joy of watching Champions Leagues games with mad African fans
  • Learning Kiswahelli
  • Discovering a patisserie just as I thought I couldn’t eat another mindazi for breakfast
  • Discovering a local who’d been trained by an NGO and was actually using the skills he’d learned and going onwards and upwards. Sometimes, the Gap year organsiations do their job!


  1. what exactly does it mean to “rodger” a culture?

  2. Hey!!! Rafiki……..only kidding.

    I’ll eat some cheese for you (and maybe even do a bit of running) if you get a couple of hours in the sun for me…

    That way, there’ll be more balance…and you will be nicely toasted and I might not die during the GNR.

  3. I did my best with the jelly babies and the attempt at getting you brie 😉
    Mature cheddar would’ve been a much better choice!

  4. Beth, in this context, ‘rodger’ means to screw over, to take advantage of and change for the worse.

  5. i gathered it was something like that…but have never heard it used like that before. now i can increase my british slang vocab and impress my friends even more.

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