Posted by: keepfishing | May 8, 2008

Working hard?

Some people have been suggesting that I’m not actually doing very much work at all while I’m here in Zanzibar. After all, the justification of my visit is to conduct my masters’ field research.

So, as proof, here’s a time-lapse video of a couple of hours work, here in the IMS office.



  1. you could’ve been blogging, looking at photos, or emailing the whole time. not really proof that you worked, only that you sit in front of a computer and touch your face a lot.

  2. haemin couldn’t have said it any better 😀

  3. Earphones…

    Not blogging but a day spent on myspace and youtube.

    Also, are you aware how much you rub your chin?

  4. I reckon he was picking his fantasy team

  5. Rubbing a chin is a sign of me being deep in thought. Fantasy team selection would have my head in my hands

  6. there’s a point at around 0:25 where i think you actually fell asleep…

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