Posted by: keepfishing | April 2, 2008

Night of the living students


For a while there, I was wondering whether I was actually on a masters course. Yeah, I had some work, but it got done, and i still had ample time to sample the local ales at The North Terrace. Until this weekend, that is.  

Never before have I so painfully crawled towards writing 2000 words. And for once, procrastination wasn’t even an issue. After a good 10 hours or so of prep work, on Sunday I nipped down to Reading for the GB Aussie Rules trial (yes, they went well, probably more about it later), and got back to Newcastle at 9ish. From the station, I headed straight back to uni and suddenly, before I knew it, the sun was up and I was arguing with cleaners who claimed I was too early too be in the computer lab. It appeared the irony that I was actually too late in the lab was lost on them. Finally, I’d pulled out a proper all-nighter, produced a semi-decent EIA on a dredging operation in the British Virgin Islands and once again the narcolepsy tablets have been invaluable (contact me for the black-market price).

Anyway, thus ends the taught part of my course. It’s been fun, challenging and I’ve learned a ton. My affection for the ales has led to you missing out on posts on bioprospecting, eco-terrorism and whaling and over development, whilst my drafts folder has filled up. Next stop, the research part, and a couple of months trying to pass myself off as a proper scientist in Zanzibar. Come join me for the ride.



  1. Narco-tablets – manufactured by Cafe Nero?

  2. nope, proper prescription meds

  3. Don’t get too excited about doing research.. also you haven’t linked to my blog. Please sort it out..

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