Posted by: keepfishing | March 16, 2008

Notes from London*1: Tears at the Phoenix


As part of excursions into the Big Smoke, this evening a few of us went to see Blood Brothers.

When the old skinhead next to you, who’s sporting a Union Jack and England motif tattoo on the side of his skull, starts to cry, you know it’s been a good show.


  1. Yuck. But speaking of blood you should make every effort to see THERE WILL BE BLOOD. You’ll regret not seeing it on the big screen when you tell your kids about it in 20 years…. that is if you ever have kids.

  2. Yuck? It was AMAZING! And I saw There Will Be Blood a while ago, but not on my own like Kermode suggested. I liked it a lot.

  3. The question is did YOU cry? If so…. kudos

  4. I wrote a post about such things a while ago. I imagine if you search ‘crying’ or something similar (‘Shamu’) will definately bring it up, you’ll find your answer

  5. It’s like Miss Saigon in Liverpool…

  6. […] a trip to London in April, it turned out to be the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard, father of Scientology. Lots of people […]

  7. amazing play, sensational , i was wailing, in the audience, great actors amazing music and singing i loved it. Also my first play so it has inspired me 2 c more, im studying it 4 gcse, i get 2 think about it all the time :] Its a must see great venue lovely atmosphere great-no- wonderful-no-orgasmic- they havnt invented a word for how much i loved it and im sure if u c it u will 2.

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