Posted by: keepfishing | March 10, 2008

Science is a big hammer

A comment on another blog:

There is no God. And the likelyhood that the things the Bible “says” Jesus said is getting smaller and smaller now that science is getting it’s fair shake in the debate.there are social morals, granted, but this Kingdom of God you speak of, c’mon, open your eyes.  And don’t give me the line right back. When you are ready, it will come to you so you can get on with your life.

 No God, no spirits, no angels, just us, here and now. 1,000 hands clasped in prayer do nothng compared to two hands working for change. Change the world. If the religous people spent as much reading real books as they do small grouping about the Bible, then the society might not be stuck on Bronze Age logic and reasoning.

I’m bracing myself for a torrent of evidence, but I doubt it will come – what recent Science has shown that most of what Jesus says was myth? The publishing of the Gospel of Judas? The discovery of Jesus’ family tomb? As far as I understand it, the debate has largely stood still for years – as far as archeological accuracy goes, the gospels have much more going for them than any other ancient text we claim to be true.

All that science has brought forward since it has been given ‘its fair shake’ is an argument on ID and evolution. And a lot of angry people with not much better to do in life than file lawsuits. Still, whatever makes you feel good, right? The argument hardly seems progressive – the theists will poke some holes in evolution and look at some irreducible complexity and argue for a creator – the Darwinists will counter the arguments by vehemently declaring that one day, Science will produce the answers! It isn’t really going anywhere, except in circles.

The guy who wrote this clearly isn’t a scientist. I would guess that he’s an atheist who realised that Science packs a punch in an argument, thanks to all those brainy boffins who prove stuff. In reality, though, this isn’t the case. It is painfully rare that scientists will prove something (with a 99% statistical certainty!) and get absolute concensus. Scientist spend most their time amongst each other arguing points (when they’re not begging for funding that is!). Each issue of the Science and Nature journals (the most influential journals in the field, possibly the world) has sections devoted to accusations and rebuttals.

 I think the point I’m trying to make in this ramble is that actually, science is a pretty weak weapon to pull, particularly in this case, where it’s had nothing (credible) to say for a good while. The interesting thing is, that, despite the rise of militant atheism and ‘freethinkers’, my sociologist friends tell me, religion and spirituality is on the rise.

How about those two hands working and 1000 hands clasped collaborate?


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  2. link is updated. I apologise for my laxness

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