Posted by: keepfishing | March 3, 2008

How would you spend it?

This weekend, I spent pretty much exactly 24 hours holed up in a computer room in a draughty building at the university, experiencing the highs of a caffeine rush and the lows of being trapped by an alarm. Leaving after 3am each night wasn’t much fun either. Other things I could have done in 24 hours include:

  • completion of the  Le Mans 24 hour race.
  • flown to Sydney, including transfers.
  • driving from London to somewhere in deepest eastern Europe
  • Watched back-to-back Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future and Indiana Jones trilogies
  • Watched a season of 24 followed by a series of The Office
  • Listened to the Juno soundtrack 46.6 times
  • Slept a lot, played a lot of football, watched some football, eaten a lot, gone to the pub (a normal weekend)
Given that I’m short on sleep and imagination, that is note a very imaginative list. But given Beth’s eventful weekend, and the sole product of my weekend being a win in a game of football and a 3500 word essay on ‘Coastal Governance in Mauritius’, it got me wondering what the best way to spend 24 hours would be.
How would you spend it? 


  1. I would actually love to spend 24 hours at Le Mans. If I could do it, I would also spend 24 hours finishing my research

  2. naked?

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