Posted by: keepfishing | February 11, 2008

Films in the afternoon


Yesterday afternoon I went to see Juno, in smug satisfaction that I had overcome the social stigma of going to the cinema alone. Many people will (and have) write sharp, witty, perceptive reviews. I’ll just mention why I liked it.Things I enjoyed about Juno:

  1.  They presented a pretty realistic picture of the reality of love, even if I doubt the extent to which a 16 year old can express or experience it.
  2. There was an emphasis on the joy life can bring.
  3. The actors weren’t the typical brilliantly good looking type that normally furnish a Hollywood movie. Even Jessica Garner managed to look frumpy.
  4. The soundtrack. For some reason it reminded me of the soundtrack to Dan in Real Life, a connection which may have no basis in reality, but regardless, this film is much much better. On a lot of levels.

Things I didn’t like so much:
  1. The married couple were pretty thinly developed characters. We are supposed to Mark’s decision making from a couple of one-line anecdotes about his past and left not caring much what happens to them.
  2. Sunday lunchtime films carry with them a large amount of popcorn chomping teenagers (I’ve been told that if I want to go to matinees I should shut up and live with it). Unfortunately for them, this film doesn’t contain any fart jokes, and even less cleavage. Watching people run down the steps to tell the kids at the front to shut up was pretty distracting. 
  3. I think I missed the most quotable part due to No. 2.
  4. There was a general lack of ecological guilt about the amount Juno drove her car.


  1. 1. i actually got really angry at mark.
    2. ecological guilt?? in a movie based in suburban america – that would be highly unusual. although i was also surprised by how much she drove.
    3. this movie was filmed in my neighbourhood. actually, paulie’s house is just down the street from my boss. it’s a weird feeling to see that on screen and try to pretend it’s somewhere in another country.

  2. Oh! Canada!

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