Posted by: keepfishing | February 9, 2008

Just an average night out…

So I go out with my coursemates for a night of dancing to music that most of today’s undergraduates are too young to know. I have a good time, kick someone’s arse at pool and walk home listening to a Don Miller talk (which was great). I start to get distracted nearing my house, because there appears to be a house security alarm going off. And then I turn the corner. And find that the noise is in fact my car alarm, which hasn’t worked for years, and my car is surrounded by a policeman and an entire fire crew, putting out a fire in my car!

I’ve got absolutely no idea how this happened – I haven’t driven it for 6 weeks since I was diagnosed with narcolepsy and it’s sat happily on a side street round the corner from my flat. I’m not a happy bunny. Those charvers…. 




  1. woah.. so your car is burnt out and dead? that sucks.

  2. dang. so what happens next??

  3. Insurance claim will sort you right out – you don’t need the car so take the money!

  4. Noooooo!!! Are you serious?!?!?! That is crazy!!

  5. Your poor car. We shoudl mourn its passing

  6. […] Before the police took away the car, I managed to take a few pictures. The event also managed to make the BBC […]

  7. […] morning, and then a trip up to Scotland to pick up a new car. Hopefully this one won’t catch fire. And as I write, I’m on the train down to Nottingham to catch up with Andy, before heading to […]

  8. […] It was about this time that I tried to hide my identity a little more and someone set my car on fire. […]

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