Posted by: keepfishing | January 26, 2008

Infernal trivia machines

Last night, celebraing the end of exams (forever), a few of us on the TCM course spent a long time playing with the monopoly trivia game in the corner of the pub. We won some money, but lost more, the important thing being we had a lot of fun trying to be more of a smartarse than each other.Consider this question, however:

Which Old Testament book of the Bible has 6 chapters:

a) Galatians
b) Job
c) Ezekiel

Having impressed my coursemates with my fount of Biblical knowledge, answering questions on the book describing Moses’ death and the book starting with ‘In the beginning was the Word’, I failed to answer this correctly.What would you say it was?

NB: The spelling corrections have now been implemented. In my defence, I was writing at 3:30am after dancing to a night of Hot Chip



  1. Galatians

  2. I’d pick Galatians on the assumption that the person writing the question was having a slow day.

  3. Well it’s not Job so that only leaves Ezekial?

  4. I demand a new question!

  5. Didn’t even read the question!!!

    I’m such a muppet.

  6. Job, seeing as it’s the only one spelt correctly

  7. hiiiii al i found your blog. hooray!
    you’re already done with uni? that was quick. must be a genious or something…haha.

    aaannnyway, i vote ezekiel? but i definitely said galatians first before i realized it was NT. dang.

    p.s. this is mel from liverpool last year. 🙂

  8. are you going to fill us in on the ‘answer’ or what?

  9. […] For those of you desperate to know the answer to the question posed by the machine in this post…..The answer was a) Galatians.As most of you worked out, the problem with the entire […]

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