Posted by: keepfishing | January 24, 2008

An identity crisis

This afternoon it occurred to me that I should maybe take more care over my identity when publishing opinions in the public domain.  Fraught from a long day’s fishery management revision, a coursemate and I descended on the computer lab to search Google images for pictures of our new fish scientist heroes – putting faces to the names on the research papers. This was hugely satisfying, with the reality of the facial features more than living up to our hopes. My favourite is my new hero. 

The conversation duly continued into an imagination of what it might be like for us to be emminent professers (if we choose a small enough field, it could happen!) and have our students looking us up. For me, this presented a problem. Having (what I believe to be) a completely unique name in the world, a quick google search will bring up all sorts of stuff, all about me. I’m not too bothered about the Amazon review I wrote for a shark book when i was 16 (which has now apparently taken my name off it) and I’m not ashamed of my opinions – after all, I put them up here to express them. Rather, the possibility of things being taken out of context and used against me worries me a tad (tongue in cheek thoughts on contraception, for example.

 Ah, he’s descending into paranoia, I hear you mutter. Well, maybe so, but I’ve started being more vocal about opinions I have on such things as the Sea Shepherds, and I’d rather keep discussions in their rightful place (I’m expecting my flat to be rammed by a large boat any second). So, at some point, I’m going to change the blog name and get my name off there (It’s at this point I realise the foolishness of choosing a domain based upon my initials), get my voice to be recorded by an actor in a dark room, and hope that some bumbling civil servant doesn’t leave a laptop lying around with my name on it. 

Anyhow, a little mysteriousness always adds to the intrigue, doesn’t it? 


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