Posted by: keepfishing | January 23, 2008



For once, I’m posting on something topical: a few hours ago Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment.By the time you read this, more details may have emerged and I may be completely wrong about assuming that his death is a suicide related to depression, but even if I am, it doesn’t really detract from my thoughts.

Depression appears to be this dirty disease, one that no-one wants to touch, few people understand, and the people suffering from it can potentially become ostracised, worsening their situation. I make these observations from personal experience rather than general situations (so they may not be characteristic) and, in my experience, it is the lack of understanding causing problems. I used to live with a guy suffering from depression and not one person in the house knew how to relate to him when he was down. We didn’t know what caused it, we didn’t know how to dampen it, we just avoided him. A girl I went to school with committed suicide whilst suffering depression and at least two of my friends have attempted it. Probably Kurt Cobain suffered from it, and I’m guessing, most suicide cases involve it.

Frankly, it’s a tradgedy. There’s no way we should live in a society where suicide seems the only way out. And living in a society where up to 12% of the population suffer depression a year,  the lack of education on how to help out your friends who are suffering is depressing in itself.

If anyone’s got any ideas I’d love to hear them.



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