Posted by: keepfishing | January 12, 2008

Reading list

Actually I don’t really have a formal list, I’m just plodding through books as and when I can.

I just finished Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. A couple of years ago, everyone was going on about it (well, in the ‘cool’ Christian circles), and being a pretentious eschewer of such trends (or just lazy), it passed me by.

Anyway, I loved it. It has changed me, or at least given me a vision for change, in ways I can’t articulate. If I’d read it back then when everyone was going on about it, I’m almost certain I’d have thought it was pretty interesting,  but I doubt anything would have struck any major chords.

Fast forward a couple of years of ‘maturing’ and almost every sentiment Don Miller expresses I have experienced, or am in the midst of. It’s uncanny. It doesn’t reveal great new theological truths, but in a time when I’m struggling to express the thoughts and questions I have, the book was able to do it for me. And, most importantly, provide a vision for a way forward.


  1. Does that mean you’ve finished the book I lent you?

    Can I borrow BlueLike? Thom Thor was going on about it and I’ve always meant to read it. Glad it has had an effect.

    Missed you on Monday. WoofWoof was brill! And very challenging although he was as sick as a dog.

  2. Look forward to hearing what that way forward is…

  3. Al,

    Great to hear you finally read that book. It’s quite moving indeed, I just read another one of his you might like too called “searching for God Knows What”.


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