Posted by: keepfishing | December 8, 2007

A week for learning new words

I wonder how many blogs are written about why the author blogs. Probably a lot. Most likely too many. I’m sure I’ve done it more than once. But I think my reasons for writing change often enough that occaisional justification is permissable.

Sometimes I merely write because I have an ego, I’ve not written in a while, and want to know that people out there still care about me and what I think. I think pretty much every blogger (apart from maybe those who do t for a job) can relate. A friend who managed a whole 2 posts before apparently giving up described it as ‘an overflow carpark for my thoughts’. I like that. Right now, I genuinely am not bothered if anyone reads this. I know a few will, and that’s nice, but mostly writing just feels cathartic.

Obviously, I’m not the type to bear every soul truth to a world, where any old Googler can stumble upon (or stalk) me. It’s probably just as well that hardly anyone can spell my name. But it’s been an unusual week, and right now, finding a place to fill with my overflowing thoughts seems a good idea.

On Tuesday, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy. On the one hand it was nice to have a docto, confirm what I’ve suspected, and I now have an adequate excuse for falling asleep in lectures. On the other hand, it may mean being on medication for a long long time. That’s not a fun thought. I’m also not supposed to do too much driving, not that I’ve ever had a problem falling asleep at the wheel. That’s incredibly frustrating. On Wednesday, i went to see my granny, who has just started chemo again for leukemia and is depressed and frustrated at being stuck indoors. That was a sad morning.

I think this week, I’ve been reminded that I’m not in control. I’m not as invincible as I thought. There’s the possibility that I’ll be dependant on drugs to get me through a day normally. My Granny, who only quit the local council last year because they don’t allow people over 80 to be on it, the lady who is a local hero (or anti-hero – everyone knows who she is at least), the lady who’s fought leukemia for years, isn’t invincible.  And I’ve realised there are definately more important things in life than fishery practicals, modeling and football results. I need to spend more time getting to know Him.

Everyone loves passing on good music. If you’re sick of Christmas music already: Jon Foreman


  1. Sorry to hear of your Granny there. You’re right, that’s sad.

    What’s your medication… does it make you drowsey? That would be ironic.

    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Praying for you and your Gran.

  3. Thanks for the prayers.
    Pete, of course the meds doesn’t make me drowsy, that’s the whole point! Not that I’ve tried them yet. It’s called Midafonil or something similar.

  4. did you get my message?

  5. I have now figured out why I don’t want to use my wordpress and switch over from xanga.. took me awhile to figure out why I didn’t like it.. the TEMPLATE is prettier.. but all you can do is type normal black and white script. xanga. lets you make colour changes, bold, italicise and all of those nice gadgets help me best express myself. I would rather a boring template and interesting writing than boring writing and a better template. Unless you want to bug wordpress for me and ask them to change it up a bit.. 😉

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