Posted by: keepfishing | November 30, 2007

How the masses flock

I post 2 things in one day, and I get my most number of a hits in a day. I don’t post anything, and nobody reads. I guess you’ve all got them fancy RSS reader thingies.

Anyway, yesterday was a record. 49 people viewed the page. I didn’t even know I had 49 friends! Facebook would say otherwise, but facebook lies quite often. Today (as of 9:53pm), I had 14 hits. Fickle.

But thanks to you guys who made my day yesterday.

It’ll be interesting to see how many people visit this page when I’ve said absolutely nothing.



  1. Thanks for your interesting observations there.

  2. knowing that you track your visitors makes me less likely to visit…

  3. Its not that bad. It’s not like I know your IP location. All I know is how many people visited and what they clicked on to get here. Facebook is much much much worse.

    And, could you really stay away? 😉

  4. ha ha… im with beth.
    🙂 its a good thing we love you.

  5. wait – you can track people on facebook!? i’m disliking that idea.
    (yes, i can stay away. unless i’ve commented and want to know your responses 🙂

  6. I (or you) can’t track people on facebook, but they apparently do it quite a lot. I’m not especially au fait with the subject, but there’s a fair bit of unrest going on around the net about the apparent unrest.
    Here’s one example,24897,22859954-5013040,00.html

    My mate Lincoln also talks about their cunningness here…

  7. you can track on facebook?!

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