Posted by: keepfishing | November 21, 2007

Racist or stupid?

Saturday night, I went to a ceilidh. Despite Scotland’s unfortunate defeat, I was feeling a fair bit of national pride, so went along in my kilt. For once, I knew more dances than most the people there, which made up for my salsa escapades of previous weeks, and much fun was had. The kilt itself had even more fun, being asked to model for random American women’s digital cameras.

Afterwards, a few of us thought we’d go for a drink at the popular joint As You Like It. However, after all my friends had waltzed in, the bounceress stopped me and the following exchange occurred:

“You can’t come in dressed in a kilt”
“You can’t come in in a kilt”
“Why not?”
“It’s fancy dress”
“What? Thats ridiculous!!”
“You still can’t come in”
“You’re joking aren’t you? You’re calling a kilt fancy dress?”
“You’re not coming in”
“This is really stupid..”
“I don’t make the rules
“Well who does? Can I see the manager?”

This is the bit that surprised me – those of you who know me pretty well know that whilst I like an argument (or at least to be right), I’m pretty non-confrontational. I’ve never asked for a manager before. If a waiter asks me how the food is, and I think it’s crap, I’ll usually lie. But in this situation, I was quietly raging.

So she called for the manager, and i was mentally rehearsing my argument while we waited. I was definitely going to accuse him of being racist and I was going to go into a lengthy tirade about how a kilt was just as formal as a tuxedo.

In the end, it was a bit of an anti-climax – the manager turned up, the bounceress explained the situation, and he kinda mumbled a bit and said ‘I dont know what to say…in you go’. The best explanation I can find is that fancy dress is outlawed and the woman on the door was stupid enough to consider a kilt in that category.

I still had a good night though.

And it was probably just as well I was saved an argument. Calling a black manager racist wouldn’t have been very P.C.



  1. Hmmm… take it as a compliment dude. Perhaps he was just complimenting your (girl-like-but-totally-not) hot legs and highlights…

  2. i’ve never heard of being overdressed for a pub before! last month, my housemate wore his kilt and had no problems at the pub after a ceilidh. hurrah for canadian tolerance…

  3. can you explain this ‘fancy dress’ rule? I don’t understand. but I am glad that a. you wore your kilt b. you danced up a storm c. you were ready to stand your ground and d. it made a very funny story.

  4. To my north american friends..
    translation: some pubs here are quite fancy.. ie. dress codes.. shoe rules.. etc and you can be banned for not making the requirement.. think of it as high end clubs in the US and canada that would have entrance rules.. as you like it is in that category

    fancy dress (as i was confused even a week ago myself) does not mean what we think it means as “black tie” or “formal” fancy dress = costume… think like a college house having a cowboy themed costume party and then the local club banning people for being in costumes.. a kilt should not be a costume or “fancy dress” because it is formal dress, as we know it.. and not in the category of halloween costumes which is what the term fancy dress means here.

  5. Thanks Christy!
    Fancy Dress… now THAT is strange lingo.

  6. ohhhhh, Christy. that makes so much more sense!

  7. Why is most my leadership North American?

  8. leadership?
    do you mean readership?
    you are such an international stud… what can we say alasdair?

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