Posted by: keepfishing | November 9, 2007

The new Harry Potter

The latter half of this week, I have run away to Edinburgh, on the tenuous grounds that it will be a better place to write an essay. In reality, I can easily waste away as much time here than in the library, only that here, I’ll be able to do it with friends I haven’t seen in a fair while.

Last night, I got off the train and ended up in The Elephant House, the infamous cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter. It was the first time I’ve been in there on my own and in the evening and got stumped at the first hurdle, when i had to work out that they did table service after 6pm. For some reason, the evening clientele had a certain chic feel to it – there was jazz playing – John Coltrane’s Giant Steps (I was mighty impressed that I recognised the album), some couples hiding in corners, the a-typical American backpackers and sitting opposite me, some long haired bloke studying Arabic. Ok, maybe that isn’t very chic, but I felt like I should be pulling out a moleskin and contemplating the interdimensional battles of wonderboy Leroy Pickles and his dastardly enemy Winkerstine. Before you know it, it’ll be a classic and I’ll be having court battles with a housewife called Maureen for stealing her ideas.

Instead, I pulled out my macbook and fiddled with a video of a trip to Lithuania and actively avoided my essay. I fitted right in.



  1. nice.
    sounds like a great evening.

  2. moleskine… the new badge of the middle-class. We’re so erudite and cultured, please see us as louche. Imagine… a brand name for a notepad!? Chumps.

  3. middle-class, middle-aged, mediocre…
    iPhone, Moleskine, Prius.

    I hate them, but I also want to be them.

    Keep me in student ministry so I can visit minging flats an drink Robinsons out of chipped mugs.

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