Posted by: keepfishing | November 3, 2007

Domestic bliss?

I’m living above a mentalist. It’s 1:20am, and the lady below has been blasting out songs and (extremely) badly, singing along, karaoke style. In the time honoured tradition, I went to the room above her offending hifi and stamped. Nothing happened so I stamped again. The music cut out and I went back to bed.

Two minutes later, the door knocker goes. Not wanting an argument, like the time her boyfriend/brother (I think he was claimed to be both during the discussion) threatened us for having the washing machine on at 11:15pm, I ignored it. Ater the second knock, I put on my dressing gown, steeling my self for a third, when I would finally go down and see what the issue was. Instead, I heard her door slam, and her call out to her friend/dog/brother/boyfriend/kid to “turn the music back on”. Yet, so far the music hasn’t come on full blast, although some intermittent screaming and vicious swearing continues. The saga goes on…

Update: 1:58am… She rang the doorbell again, cue civil discussions about noise, claims that its her birthday (a fact she neglected to tell me when i had a conversation with her earlier), her admission of being ‘quite’  drunk (a clear understatement when she can only keep one eye open), apologies for the noise….

Descending into accusation about past incidences when we make noise (Me: If we’re noisy, you have a right to complain…Her: I’m not a complainer), traversing into a weird discussion about why I didn’t come down for a drink the night she hit on me, a proclamation about her current studies and then finishing with “When I first met you I thought you were lovely, but now…. (dismisive wave of hand)…”

cue Goodnight and exit



  1. That stomping thing.

    I always go down/up to knock on their door if I can’t sleep. Stamping is just annoying. Just my £0.02.

  2. It may be annoying, but their noise is arguable more annoying. Anyway, after being threatened last time we had doorstep discussions about noise, I didn’t really fancy confrontations in my dressing gown, unless absolutely necessary.

  3. “When I first met you I thought you were lovely, but now…. (dismisive wave of hand)…”

    This is my favourite.

  4. I’ve thought that about Alasdair as well

  5. I’m pretty sure Terra actually said this to me a couple months ago!


  6. wow, you are right beth… I remember that.
    that is strange.
    no wonder i like this woman.

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