Posted by: keepfishing | October 12, 2007

I can’t believe you just said that…

I revel in controversy. I don’t know why, I just like it when people get passionate and start talking about something important, something they care about, something that they have an opinion on. We waste too much breath repeating the same conversations day after day, never letting our friends and associates know what really makes us tick, what makes us feel alive. If it takes me playing devils advocate a little to get this going, then so be it.

Here’s one that’s got people going recently…

Teenage pregnancy. It’s a problem. The UK has the highest rate in Europe – around 42 pregnancies per 1000 under 18s in 2005. As it’s gone midnight (and I have a presentation at 9:30am tomorrow), I can’t be bothered to look up the social demographics of this, but I’d wager that the majority of those occur in the lower classes, particularly in a social group commonly reffered to as chavs, charvers, pikeys, or neds (I will use this term, even if it makes me a neo-snob, like the linked article suggests). This represents a serious problem for our society.

Even if the girls do want the babies, few of them have the responsibility to look after the baby and give it a good shot at life. I read a Daily Mail article (don’t worry, I didn’t buy it, it was free on a train) recently, which interviewed a family where the mother had had her first child at 14, and now both her daughters had given birth at 14. One of them was unconcerned about the suggested huge change this had had on her life, saying that “it didn’t change much, I was only sitting around watching TV all day before”. Is it ethically right to bring kids into that kind of environment? In the UK, we’re struggling under population pressures, struggling to find new places to build houses, and we have girls irresponsibly bringing children into the world that they didn’t plan.

I’m not a fan of abortion, so i propose a prevantative measure. Mandatory fitting of a coil (or other contraceptive device) to all girls upon reaching puberty. This will only be removed once the individual has reached a mature age, say 18, and is able to pass an IQ or responsibility test. Until then, society shall deem them unfit to bear children, an act unfair on all, including the potential child, and thus prevent them from doing so.



  1. Controversy or something. I also like to call peoples bull. BS Alasdair. That is what this is 🙂 And if I was to actually take this seriously and banter with you ‘girls irresponsibly bringing children into the world?’ I believe the tango is a dance for two and boys are always deemed more irresponsible than girls in most things in life… why not this as well.

    but since I don’t buy one word of what you said. I won’t even bother debating the controversy. 😛

  2. Granted, but seeing as neither party appears to be able to take responsibility for them life choices, why not let there be some enforcement? We do it in other areas of life – marriage limitations, drinking laws…and seeing as, as far as I’m aware, there’s no safe way of temporarily blocking a guy’s testicular tube, it is the unfortunate girl who will have to be subject to the treatment.

  3. why does it have to be safe 😉 ?
    you really are bored tonight Al aren’t you? 🙂

  4. Did you delete my comment you cheeky monkey!?

    Or did it just not save?


  5. It didn’t save

  6. And how do you decide when someone is responsible enough? An IQ test? You have got to be kidding…

  7. I still hold that you don’t believe one word of this which is why it is not even worth debating. Al if you want to start a debate you at least need to come across as having believable conviction in what you are picking a fight over.

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  10. I know there are so many arguments against this, but in my heart of hearts and mind of minds………….why not??? People who want to adopt a baby or foster a child have to prove that they are capable, but any random pair of teenagers can reproduce willy nilly. Reversible sterilisation…. Sounds like eugenics but I can’t bring myself to disagree with anything you’ve said…

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  12. Oh dear.

    Now if you’d like to spend a few weeks being a fly on the wall at a pregnancy crisis centre (which if you can find a way to turn into a fly, I can arrage btw) you’ll understand why your idea probably wouldn’t work or solve the issue…..

    • I presume you’re tlaking about the pregnancy solution, rather than the swine flu one… ?

    • I really want to know…why won’t it?

  13. you know, they can reverse vasectomies now these days. why not temporarily have boys “shoot blanks” until THEY are responsible and/or smart enough? i realize this debate is almost 2 years old, but i couldn’t resist. it’s much more interesting than the swine flu debate 😛

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