Posted by: keepfishing | September 27, 2007

My Day

Today, I wore gloves. I make no apologies about my lameness, just complaints about the cold. It’s freezing. This time last year we were at my Granny’s 80th and distant relatives were wandering around the garden topless (that’s the men, not the women). I can just about deal with the cold, but the rain as well…

Despite the cold, I was blessed with dry weather when I cycled into uni this morning. That’s right uni. Not as an Agape worker, but as a fully fledged student. Well, sort of. They apparently can’t register me until I pay, and I can’t pay until my funding comes through, and my funding won’t come through until about 15 people have filled in paper work, etc. So I have nothing official to say I’m a student, but I am.

Nice things about to day:

  • I got up before 9am for once. And it didn’t kill me.
  • I met my new coursemates. They’re fun, and there’s only 11 of us, so we should bond pretty well.
  • I found out my funding is more than expected.
  • I learned to cook a decent stir-fry (I know I’m well behind the game, but I discovered sugar and sherry work well in it)
  • Student beer is cheap (and correspondingly poor)
  • The scary lady who lives downstairs, who might be stalking me (a story for another day), didn’t ring the doorbell today.

Things not nice about today:

  • The rain
  • The cold
  • Flat bike tires
  • Aston Villa losing disgracefully to Leicester (However, if you want to refreshing interview with a footballer being candidly honest, go here. Bravo)

And that was pretty much my day. I thought you’d like to know.


  1. Flat tyres? Does that mean you gotta walk back home? 😐

  2. nah. it just took a lot more effort than normal

  3. I don’t know you Julee… How do you know Al?

  4. I wore gloves that day as well. It was baltic. It’s nice now though. Missed you at the GL-weekend. Your name of course came up though.

  5. Hello Pete, nah i dont know Al actually! Got here from the wordpress tag page, just blog surfing to kill some time 🙂

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