Posted by: keepfishing | September 15, 2007

Love unlimited

This morning, whilst strolling Edinburgh University campus trying to avoid the freshers, flyer people and various predators,  I walked past an elderly couple, probably in their 70s, walking along and holding hands. To mention this may seem quaint, dull or even pointless, but it got me thinking about a love that lasts.

Talking to my grandparents a couple of months ago, somehow we got beyond the usual discussions of politics, golf and my current carreer direction and started talking about love and the state of the nation. Granny was unusually open about her relationship with Grandpa, and made the point that they love each other more than ever (although she was quick to mention that he’s not as good looking as he once was).

Why should these instances surprise me, or even make me think? To be honest, I don’t know. Maybe it’s something to do with the lack of shame this generation has compared to the reservedness of our grandparents. But probably not. I think I just like some confirmation that sticking it out is worth it.

In a world of quick fixes and quicker exits, giving up when immediate pleasure is harder to come by is all the rage, and it’s encouraging to see love that deepens with effort and sacrifice, and as my Grandparents will testify, ultimately satisfies more.



  1. I love this one Alasdair.

  2. my grandparents celebrated their 61st anniversary this year – they give me hope that the kind of relationship that lasts doesn’t have to go extinct with their generation.

    (no wonder it took awhile to formulate this entry – the good ones are like that)

  3. I like it too.
    It is difficult to have hope sometimes, so thank you for the reminder.

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