Posted by: keepfishing | September 13, 2007

Corporate Joy II

I just had possibly my best experience in a pub. I went to watch Scotland play France in the Euro 2008 qualifiers at our local psuedo pub/sports bar, and screamed my heart out at a TV. It’s a wierd thing when you think about it, cheering venomously when the French screwed yet another shot wide, because unlike actually being at the game, your screaming will obviously have no demoralising/encouraging effect on the players, because they can’t hear you.

Nevertheless, we screamed our hearts out. When Scotland scored, simple pandemonium ensued. Beer was hurled through the air and grown men hugged people they didn’t know. And it was great. I once wrote about corporate joy watching rugby, again involving Scotland beating teams who should know better, and I still think it’s a curious thing. A heck of a lot of fun though. The last half hour hoping France wouldn’t score….it felt like I’d run a marathon.

The concluding part of the Honduras trip will come soon. I’ve just been very lazy. Because I can.


  1. small grammar note: weird – it breaks the rules. no “i before e” here.

  2. Had the same experience, probably in the same pub, last time we beat france. It was mental! I was also pretty emotional already due my daughter’s birth hours before.

    The only time one doesn’t care about getting a pint thrown on you is when Scotland score. Every other time it’s disgusting and annoying.

  3. […] I hate football 1 10 2007 I hate football. Especially supporting Aston Villa. I used to say that I was a Villa fan as penance for my sins, but under Martin O’Neill, the optimism of a naive child had returned to me. That was until this week. Losing 1-0 at home in the cup to Leicester, our fabled bogey team, was bad enough, but tonight, we managed to draw 4-4 with Spurs, despite being 4-1 up with half an hour to go. Those of you who don’t follow football probably can’t empathise and should probably stop reading now, but I’m finding it very hard to express what I feel right now. To see your team, the team you’ve followed faithfully since boyhood, score 4 goals (a rarity in itself for Villa, and admittedly, slightly undeservedly), and then so cheaply surrender what should be a comfortable win, literally gets the heart going. Marlon Harewood deserves to be kneecapped. Not literally, but maybe at least have his dog kicked off a bridge, Anchorman style. I guess this feeling is the flip side of the highs of corporate joy. […]

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