Posted by: keepfishing | August 18, 2007

Sunburn II

I know I haven’t had a previous post called sunburn, but there’s one about getting sunburned watching killer whales, so that’ll do.

So yes, i got badly burned again yesterday. No matter, I got to swim with a whale shark as compensation. Once again we were charging around the sea, yet this time not following large, floppy fins, but a rather massive boil. For those less savvy with marine terms, a boil is a place where the sea looks like it’s boiling. Not terribly difficult is it. It’s actually caused by a bit of a feeding frenzy of tuna feeding on smaller fish, who are in turn feeding on an aggregation of plankton. Whale sharks also feed on plankton, and are most often found beneath boils, although nobody really knows how they find them (might be something to do wtih the vibrations).

Anyway, after our first dive of the day (mapping a nice wall), we came across a boil and duly sat around waiting for a shark to pop up. Obviously in the excitment, expectantly waiting to jump in the water with fins and snorkel at the ready, reapplication of sunscreen, wasn’t at the top of my agenda.

Eventually, one turned up. We jumped in, and startled a black tip reef shark, which then charged our boss, who had to swat it away with a camera. The whale shark itself, was might impressive. Apparently a tiddler, it was still 12ft and bigger than anything else I’ve seen in the water. And we got to watch it for a whole 30 seconds before it swam back into the deep. Hurrah – my second objective of the trip completed. Just need to see a Manta Ray now.

Oh, and Hurricane Dean is probably going to miss us…


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