Posted by: keepfishing | August 13, 2007


The sunburn has gone down, to be replaced with an equal or greater amount of discomfort,  by a ridiculous amount of insect bites.

On Saturday afternoon, i decided to utilise the freedom afforded by owning a bike and explore. I headed up the hill and far away, on the only rodad out of town, which goes precisely as far as the airport. However, shortly before that is a dirt track, which leads to the slightly remote, Pumpkin Hill beach.

 So off I went, encountering nothing except the biggest baddest blue crabs you’ve ever seen, who went scuttling into their holes as I passed, and a multitude of differnt lizards, most of which ran around on their hind legs giving me flashbacks of Jurassic Park.

As the name of the beach implies, there is a hill nearby. The higest point on the island no less, rising a lofty 24 metres above sea level. So I did what any other intrepid explorer would do, and climbed it. The summit afforded excellent views of the whole island, a worthy reward for my endeavour, and merits a return for a sunset methinks.

Unfortunately my downfall began when I set off, foolishly forgetting my insect repellant. The bugs must have drugged me or something, because after shaking off a couple of flies when i parked my bike up, I didn’t feel a thing. But upon my return (after surving a freewheel back into town because my chain got wedged between some metal, and looking like i’d been mud wrestloing a pig, because of the rain we’ve been having), every exposed part of flesh had been ravaged.

 I now look like a small boy with chicken pox. Except I have a desert islander’s beard. Sort of. If I come down with malaria or denge in the next few days, you’ll know why.



  1. On first reading I thought you got your chin wedged. That would have been very funny but also unimaginably painful.

    Sorry about the bites. We’re off to sunny Italy in a few days.

    Saw JonV today. He’s rockin’.

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