Posted by: keepfishing | August 11, 2007

I only cried a little bit at Shamu…

Yesterday I got incredibly sunburned. But I don’t care. We saw Orcas.

 Yes that’s right, a onc-in-3-years occaision for Utila (Ivor, our boat captain has never seen them in his life), and we got to spend 2 and a half hours studying  11 of them. I always thought that if I was wever gonna see killerwhales (apart from Shamu at sea world), I’d have to go and make some special trip to Iceland or somewhere and stare at them from a long way off. But no, we were chilling out off Utila, hunting (not literally) bottlenose dolphins, and a couple of fins popped up a couple of hundred metres away.

“Pilot Whales” went the shout

“Their fins are too big” came the reply

“Oh my word (or other expletive depending on who was shouting). They’re killer whales!”

Cue Ivor to go raido every boat in the area,who came steaming in (resulting in an intersting study of orca behaviour to boats that look like they’re about to run right over them), and we got the fun of watching them migrate, and at one point, even bow ride our little boat, despite the male being around 2 thirds the length of the boat!

Oh and to top it off, we were on our way home and we came across a pod of 60 spinner dolphins, so we got in and went for a swim. A good day all round.

You can spy a couple of pics from yesterday here. Stay tuned for a funky video


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