Posted by: keepfishing | July 28, 2007

Como estas?

Ahh, sweet air conditioning… I don’t think there’s been a day when at least one part of my body hasn’t felt the burn of searing sun. Still, it hasn’t yet got to the point of extreme burn and peel, yet Webb, the resident pirate descendant madman fisherman has relished in pointing out that you need to get some sun, mon”.

The food is great, and the people are too, if only usually drunk.  The reefs are beautiful too. My favourite organism so far is the Flamingo Tounge, a kind of nudibranch with a shell, and a very amusing associated signal when someone sees one. The dolphins are cool too, but spending 3 and a half hours in the sun searching for them in vain can be a little tiring. But seeing 60 spinner dolphins can also be a pretty good birthday present!

Unfortunately there are no banyas, and I’ve yet to find a non-dodgy massage – my shoulders are wrecked from carrying tanks for miles. I guess i just need to toughen up.

Anyway, I have a one-year’ds birthday party to attend, complete with a tinkerbell pinuata (i’ve no idea how to spell that one..), so I must dash. But, in case you were wondering, this should serve to inform that I have indeed arrived on the wonderful island of Utila (despite the 35 hours journey that tried in vain to destroy my soul), and it is hot, and i’m feeling decidely healthy!



  1. PIÑATA… 🙂 Having a spanish speaking mother and loads of spanish relatives has it’s perks. I know what to do with atildé’s 🙂

    See you in a month sunny boy.

  2. Sounds sweet! Bet you’re missing IRN-BRU though!

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