Posted by: keepfishing | July 22, 2007

Off to see the wizard

An interesting culture thing from Korea is the highly affirming culture they seem to have. They’re not afraid to show emotion, and certainly not ashamed. Men will walk hand in hand, and with arms around each other and no-one, except the homo-aware/phobic Europeans, will bat an eyelid.

However great this may be, and whatever lessons we may learn, it still doesn’t make it entirely comfortable when a group of guys come over, say hello and then one goes (insert south Asian accent approriately) “ahh you are all handsome! Cutie boys!!” and then another who is sitting closest to you, strokes your leg.

Something is seriously Lost in Translation. I don’t know what it was, but the game of ‘how many korean girls call you handsome’ got boring after we were racking up 15+ a day.

Note to self: check their phrasebook next time.


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